Proptech is an innovative real estate approach where technology controls the way people research, rent, buy, sell and manage a property. This technology provides invaluable benefits to all parties involved: construction developers, property brands, investors and property management companies, buyers and sellers.

Proptech Renova Venture Fund

As Renova, we support sustainable PropTech initiatives at national and global level and strive to add value to the real estate sector.

As Renova, our objectives regarding PropTech are to expand international collaborations and to ensure that first local and then global PropTech initiatives create value.

We are aware that encouraging innovation in real estate and facilitating access to finance is the primary method of achieving these goals. In this direction, as Renova, we aim to provide $ 300.000 venture capital support for PropTech startups in 2022. We aim to support startups whose foundations were laid with venture capital, in terms of mentoring, stakeholder relations and capital increase.

Entrepreneurs who want to get support can contact us by filling out the form below.