Employee Policy

Renova aims to be the most preferred company that creates the added value that will ensure sustainable growth, consists of the most successful and competent project sales consultants and professionals, and is proud to be a part and stakeholder of everyone. Renova values its employees and respects employee rights. The policy of “our most important capital is our colleagues” is one of the basic principles of Renova and expresses the company’s people-oriented approach.

In this context, Renova has adopted the following principles for its relations among its employees:

  • To seek for the qualification of being convenient for the job and to provide equality of opportunity without making discrimination as single criterion in recruitment and employment,
  • To bring the most qualified young talents and experienced professionals who will have Renova progress to the company,
  • To allow the employees to share their experiences and creativity,
  • To pay effort for training, directing and developing the employees and to provide equality of opportunity,
  • To award work and success through fair and competitive wage policies and objective performance assessment systems and practices,
  • To provide equality of opportunity in promoting and awarding
  • To provide continuity of employment security,
  • To provide the employees with clean, healthy and safe working conditions,
  • To create a working environment inciting mutual respect where cooperation and solidarity is the most important element and render the same permanent,
  • Never to allow Renova employees to be exposed to any type of violence and harassment for the purpose of protecting human dignity in the business place,
  • To assess and respond to the employees’ opinions and suggestions and to take motivation increasing measures,
  • Not to share the private information related to the employees with third parties without informing and taking the permission of the employees except for any legal compulsion.